How and from what you can make a flower pot with your own hands

How and from what you can make a flower pot with your own hands
How and from what you can make a flower pot with your own hands

The article will tell you how you can make a flower pot with your own hands so that it matches the overall design decision of the home. In addition, the reader will learn how to make pots from improvised means without spending money, but, on the contrary, using household items that have expired.

DIY flower pot

Make a flower pot with your own hands from metal utensils

Expired buckets, watering cans, pots and teapots can be excellent starting material for creating flower pots. The main condition for these containers is the presence of holes in their bottom for the release of excess moisture. Therefore, you should immediately drill or punch several holes with a large nail from below in a bucket or in a saucepan. Then comes the design work. You can use ordinary paints, painting the future pot to your liking. Or you can use old CDs by breaking them into pieces about 3 centimeters in size. By sticking them on top of the dish, you can create an amazing pot design. Can be used for decoupageuse other options, similar to those used to decorate bottles, boxes and other interior items.

how to make a flower pot

A pot of records

Old records for a record player can also make an original flower pot. It is quite easy to make it with your own hands. By the way, the hole in this planter will no longer need to be made. Since you can make a flower pot from a plate by heating plastic, the craftsman will need a metal lid for preserving vegetables in jars, a nail and a long-handled hook. A hole should be made in the lid in advance, into which the hook can enter. The lid is applied to the plate so that the holes match. From the side of the lid near the hole, a nail is applied along the plane, a hook is inserted into the hole, with which the nail is picked up. Now the plate is held by this device in a position parallel to the ground level. It is necessary to heat the plate over an electric stove or gas. It will begin to lose its shape, its edges will hang down in beautiful folds, just as dense, rigid matter sags. After the desired result is achieved, the heating of the plate is stopped. Now it remains only to cover the flower pot, created from a phonograph record with your own hands, with paints. You can also create irregularities with plaster, putty, plasticine or clay.

large flower pots

Big flower pots

Large plants require large containers. Buy a big pot atthe store does not always work out: either there is no suitable one for sale, or it is inconvenient to transport. Therefore, the most optimal option is to create such a pot yourself. There are several options for making large pots:

1. Use as a pot of old rustic large cast iron, in which our ancestors cooked food in the stove. They can be very beautifully painted, turning them into unique flower containers.

2. You can use a composite container of several small ones as a large pot. It is done like this: in two identical flower pots, cut out the bottoms, connect them in the places where the cutouts are made, glue (or install) a large flat plate at the bottom - that's a big tall pot, extremely convenient for a palm tree, lemon or other large plant.

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