How to cover the roof with roofing material - basic tips

How to cover the roof with roofing material - basic tips
How to cover the roof with roofing material - basic tips

How to cover the roof with roofing material and do the job correctly and efficiently? This question is asked by many ordinary people who have decided themselves, without the help of professionals, to cover the roof of their house, barn or garage. Today they use not the same material as in Soviet times, but new, with stone chips, the laying of which consists of two layers: cushioning and reinforced with stone chips. The laying of the first is carried out on a perfectly flat surface using mastic, a gas burner and a roller. It is necessary to carefully study the question of how to cover the roof with roofing material, and correctly prepare the base, since the quality and service life of the coating depend on this. It is better to carry out all work in warm and dry times - in spring or summer.

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Before applying mastic to the surface, it must be carefully leveled, dried, rid of holes, bumps and completely cleaned of resin. Indeed, in the old days, the roof was covered with a thick layer of resin, on which roofing material was glued. Over time, the resin began to crack and leak. Also causeThe leakage of the covered surface was the accumulation of condensate in the microcracks of the resin. The same will happen if a material with stone chips is attached to the resin. Consider how to properly cover the roof with roofing felt so that leakage does not happen.

It is necessary to carefully remove the old coating, knock down the resin to the very screed. If irregularities are found, it is advisable to level them with a new screed, piled up to the horizon by at least a centimeter or more, so that water can easily drain from the surface. This can be checked with a laser or water level. With the help of threads, beacons are placed, leveling at which a cement screed is poured.

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Styling process

The base must be dried, sweep off the resin, dust, dirt with a broom, and then apply the mastic with a roller or brush. Then wait until it grabs, adhering to the time indicated on the package, which may vary due to temperature and humidity. After the mastic dries, it is the turn of the coating with roofing material. It needs two layers: a pro-line, without pebbles, and an upper one, with stone chips. There are also combined options, consisting of two layers at once.

How to cover the roof with roofing material?

You need to start the coating from the bottom point so that the upper layers have the opportunity to overlap the lower ones. To make it more convenient to work, the sheets can be pre-cut into the necessary pieces. We apply the first sheet, heat the mastic together with the material with a gas burner to a certain temperature, which can be determined bytemperature tape. Then we apply the sheet to the mastic and roll it with a special roller. Experienced specialists trample uneven sections of the roof with their feet for better adhesion of surfaces.

Laying in the rain

Many are interested in how to cover the roof with roofing material in rainy weather. There is only one answer - it is strictly forbidden to carry out such manipulations in the rain. It is better to wait until it stops, and dry the wet surface with a gas burner. But this is only in rare and hopeless situations.

how to cover the roof with roofing felt


It is also worth considering how much it costs to cover the roof with roofing material. On average, one roll of roofing material costs about 300 rubles. Depending on the area of ​​the surface to be covered, it is necessary to calculate the required number of rolls, add nails or a stapler to this figure. And, of course, you have to spend money on mastic. Compared to other roofing materials, roofing material is considered the cheapest and easiest to use material. This coating is practical and durable, requiring no additional maintenance.

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