DIY table: description of the work process

DIY table: description of the work process
DIY table: description of the work process

The table is one of the necessary pieces of furniture. The range of these products on the market is diverse. They differ in form, purpose, design and, of course, in price. But sometimes buying a good, high-quality copy is very expensive. However, nothing limits us from the desire to make a table with our own hands, while significantly saving money.

Perhaps one of the most popular models is the kitchen table. The technology of its manufacture and the process itself will depend on the chosen design. For traditional models, the manufacturing method is almost identical. By this principle, you can make any table, including tennis, if you follow the parameters.

do-it-yourself table

In order to make a kitchen table with your own hands, you need to make blanks. It can be chipboard, as well as ordinary boards of the required dimensions. They start with making the lid, as this is the longest and most laborious process.

When making a table with your own hands, you must remember that the cover -the most important and decoratively attractive design element - can be made in several ways.

Method 1

A chipboard sheet is taken as the basis. The shape of the future product is cut out of it: it can be either rectangular or any other. The resulting part is ground on both sides. For durability, the top is covered with plastic. It can be put on glue. It is recommended to use BF-2 glue. The underside of the lid is varnished for furniture.

DIY kitchen table

Method 2

By making a table with your own hands, you can create an exclusive copy. To do this, it is enough to make a cover from wooden bars. The option that uses different-sized boards with different patterns will look more beautiful. The bars are connected to each other using self-tapping screws or glued with furniture glue. For greater strength, the cover can be made multi-layered by gluing plywood to the bottom and protecting the top with plastic. If you want it to look more natural, you can keep the wooden texture of the lid by covering it only with varnish.

Method 3

A good option for a cover is plywood, especially if you make a table with your own hands. This material is easy to find on sale, and it is not necessary to use only high-quality products, medium-quality plywood is quite suitable. For work choose thick sheets (from 12 mm). The main surface treatment is done by varnishing, the top side is protected by a plastic sheet.

do-it-yourself tennis table

Legstables are also made from the same bars. For their fastening, a frame is prepared, assembling it from boards of the same thickness. Depending on the shape of the table, it can be square, rectangular or triangular. The legs are fixed on the corner joints of the frame. The lid is fixed on top.

If you follow the parameters of the length and width of the cover, in the same way you can make a tennis table with your own hands. The only thing to remember: for this category of tables, it is recommended to make strong legs using a steel profile. The top of the table tennis table also needs to be durable and resistant to damage, so cover it with plastic.

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