Power transformer: device, principle of operation and installation features

Power transformer: device, principle of operation and installation features
Power transformer: device, principle of operation and installation features

Power transformer is a large device that is used to transmit electrical energy from the main source over long distances. Most often, it has two windings (maybe more) that convert the voltage, and make it suitable for use in homes, businesses and other institutions. To do this, the device has a variable magnetic field.

power transformer

A power transformer can be step-down (distributes energy flow) and step-up (transmits voltage over long distances), depending on how it should "remake" the voltage. It should be noted that before the current gets from the station to the places of domestic use, it is converted several times.

The principle of operation of the unit is based on the phenomenon of mutual induction. Both windings are involved here. In the first, when electricity enters it, an alternating magnetic flux is formed, which creates an electromotive force in the second winding. If an energy receiver is connected to the second winding, then a current begins to flow through it. In this case, the voltage will already be converted.

It should be noted thatthe power transformer has unequal voltage in both windings. This parameter determines the type of unit. If the secondary voltage is lower than the primary, then the device is called step-down, otherwise it will be step-up.

power voltage transformers

As for the windings, they most often have a cylindrical shape. There should be a lower voltage near the magnetic circuit itself, since it is easier to isolate it. There must be an insulating gasket between the windings.

A power transformer is a large enough device that requires time, effort and care to install. This should be done by qualified electricians who are authorized to carry out such work. First of all, the unit is delivered to the place of installation. For this, a large truck or platform on rails is used. On the territory where all work will be carried out, there must be organized opportunities for the entrance and operation of loading and assembly vehicles and equipment.

installation of power transformers

Installation of power transformers must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of safety regulations. The site must be equipped with all necessary equipment, as well as all necessary equipment for fire fighting. A telephone connection must be established at the work site. Next, you need to provide good lighting for the installation site.

If all the preparatory work has been completed, then it is necessary to fully inspect the power voltage transformers forpoorly installed parts, cracks or other damage. It is also necessary to check the input with test voltage.

After installation, the units must be carefully checked. If problems were noticed during the tests, then they must be eliminated. If the deficiencies cannot be corrected on site, then the device must be sent to the factory, where it will be carefully examined and repaired.

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