Decorating a bedroom in an apartment: photo, interior, styles

Decorating a bedroom in an apartment: photo, interior, styles
Decorating a bedroom in an apartment: photo, interior, styles

According to statistics, a person spends about a third of his life in the bedroom. And therefore it is quite logical that this room should be not only comfortable, but also stylish. We offer to talk about the choice of wallpaper and ceiling, furniture and accessories for decorating the bedroom. Photos of the most interesting ideas are also waiting for you!

Small bedroom

Which room is the most comfortable? Of course, small. Decorating a small bedroom can seem like an impossible task. Don't get upset! There are little secrets that will allow even a small room to be functional and beautiful:

  1. Take your bed to new heights! A truly ingenious solution is to place it on a podium, the height of which is at least 50 cm. In this case, the podium can even function as a chest of drawers where you can place bed linen, clothes and towels.
  2. Continue window. A useless surface, placed at a height of about 75-80 centimeters, can be turned into a full-fledged workplace. And you can go even further and extend the countertop to the entire wall. What to do,if the window sill is too low? You won't be able to work here, but it's okay to relax! Just transform it into a small but incredibly cozy sofa!
  3. Hang furniture. Try clearing the floor and making a bedside table. So you unload the sleep area and make it much more compact. You can also choose "space-saving" lamps instead of ordinary table lamps, which take up too much space.
Interior of a small bedroom

Another way to save space in a small bedroom is to use furniture with built-in storage. The best option is a bed with drawers all around.

Bedroom with balcony

Particularly noteworthy is the design of the bedroom with a balcony. Designers say this is just the perfect layout for a Provence-style bedroom. The balcony in such a room can be turned into a cozy place for summer holidays. All you have to do is put a wicker chair here, a cute garden lantern and a thin blanket.

You can remove the partition between the room and the loggia, turning the outer space into an inner one. In this case, the balcony niche should be decorated in the same style as the whole room. By the way, designers advise turning a bedroom with a balcony into a bedroom with a crib. And you can also turn such a room into a bedroom and study!

Bedroom design with balcony

Two in one: bedroom with living room

Of course, no one wants to let strangers into the bedroom. But what if the apartment is small, and anotheris there simply no option? There are various techniques that allow not only to combine these two spaces, but also to preserve their functionality.

So, in a one-room apartment, a separate sleeping area should be allocated, hiding it behind a screen or curtain. Another zoning option is conditional: using shelves or racks. You can simply abandon the bed in favor of a sofa that unfolds. Then this room in the daytime will not be different from the living room.

Bedroom in the house

Usually a country house involves the presence of large rooms. So, here there are a lot of options for decorating a bedroom. The style can be absolutely anything, but designers are still advised to emphasize the differences between a country house and an apartment. Natural materials and elements reminiscent of the wild world will help to strengthen this feeling: decorative branches and animal skins are appropriate in such an interior. A real fireplace will be a great addition to a country bedroom.

Chalet style bedroom

A question of style

Rooms are small, say the designers, as if they were made for cute and touching styles, for example, Provence or country. For opponents of the village in all its manifestations, there is high-tech, classic. You can use elements of chalet or loft styles in the design of the bedroom. The table will introduce you to the features and characteristics of each of them.

Style Features


Features inherent in the style


Comfort,functionality, skillful combination of elements of several styles


Abundance of quality textiles, a massive bed (always with a headboard), unity and harmony of the composition


Soft pastel colors, use of natural materials


Purely natural materials, color scheme consisting of black, red and white


Simple shapes, practicality

Let's take a closer look at all these styles!

Modern (modern style)

A practical approach to bedroom design is a requirement of today. And the desire for clear lines and simplicity dictates the fast pace of life. What principle can be called the main one for this style? Designers say: the fewer objects in the room, the more spacious it seems. The advantages of Art Nouveau include the absence of any special requirements for lighting. In addition, you can use both natural and synthetic materials in such a bedroom. The furniture in the bedroom, decorated in modern style, should be comfortable. Among the advantages of the style is a harmonious combination of new technology with traditional decor elements. It is also important that modern is suitable for any room, regardless of their size.


Classic interiors are characterized by luxury and comfort. The main focus in the design of the bedroom (photo - a vivid example of this) shouldbecome a huge bed with a high headboard. Rather, not even a bed, but a delightful bed, designed not for sleeping, but for the owners of the room to indulge in bliss and idle rest.

classic bedroom

We propose to talk in more detail about the features of this style. These include the following:

  • an abundance of textiles - curtains and curtains, besides, it can be used to decorate the walls in the bedroom;
  • shades of a light range, ideally a snow-white color;
  • all elements of the interior are combined into a harmonious composition.


It's hard to imagine a room where romantic notes are more appropriate than in the bedroom. And it is even more difficult to imagine a more romantic style than Provence. The interior, originally from France, is a combination of natural wooden furniture, pastel colors, flowers - both in prints and in vases, a large number of cute souvenirs. This old-fashioned and surprisingly airy interior allows you to forget about the harsh reality for a while. In such a bedroom, everything should be simple and natural, there is no place for pretentiousness and pathos. Instead of silk curtains, you should use calico, and choose a laminate that imitates aged wood as a floor covering.

Provence style bedroom

Japanese style

Japan in the interior is not a style, but a philosophy. Closeness to nature, simplicity and the desire to understand oneself - that's what lies behind such a decision. What is a similar bedroom? This is a room that has everything you need, but nonothing extra. The best materials here are silk and wood, bamboo and porcelain. To decorate a Japanese-style bedroom window, you should use natural silk curtains. Designers recommend replacing chandeliers with spotlights or candles. The light must remain dimmed. It is important that each element has its place and a clear meaning.


As with the Japanese style, minimalism is characterized by the desire for simple lines and shapes. In such a bedroom there are no frills, everything is thought out, the emphasis is on free space. Of course, for lovers of luxurious classics or cozy Provence, such a solution may seem boring and uninteresting. But residents of small apartments will be able to appreciate minimalism. By the way, there can be many variations on the theme of decorating a bedroom in the style of minimalism. This is ethnic, and even high-tech.

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

Furniture selection features

The owners of a small number of square meters should be especially attentive to the choice of furniture. Designers note: you can’t do without a bed and a wardrobe in this room. At the same time, it is important to understand that massive furniture will look ridiculous in a small room: how to get to the bed if a large dressing table blocks the way? We recommend that you abandon the whole sets, replacing them with individual items. It is important to know that furniture made in light colors does not “eat up” space.


The first thing you need to pay attention to when decorating a bedroom in an apartment is a closet. Ideal option - built-inmodels with mirrored doors. The less this piece of furniture will be noticeable against the background of the walls, the better. Well, if there is a wall niche in such a room - it can be turned into a mini dressing room.


You can't do without a bed in the bedroom. Designers are advised to choose either models on a high podium, or low variations, without legs. If it is extremely important to save space, get a bed no more than 160 cm wide. You should also approach the design of the bed in the bedroom responsibly. All structural elements and textiles must either match the color of the finish, or be in harmony with it.

Bed decoration

Shelves and cabinets

From bedside cabinets, designers recommend to refuse. However, if you really want them to be in the bedroom, choose models that are airy and light, in light colors. You can replace them with neat hanging shelves. Try not to place them above the headboard - design by design, but a decor item that falls on your head can beat off all aesthetic needs for a long time.


Try to abandon the massive ceiling chandelier and floor lamps. Instead, turn on wall lights in the interior - so there will be no extra items in the room that will clutter up the space. In addition, the level of illumination in the bedroom can be adjusted as simply as possible. To deal with all the intricacies, it would not be superfluous to refer to the photos published in abundance on the design of bedrooms.

Designing a bedroom in an apartment: finishing options

In any other premisesapartment dwellers rarely pay attention to the ceiling. But in the bedroom, everything changes dramatically: when waking up, a person usually looks exactly up. What ceiling finishes do designers offer?

One of the best options is wallpaper. They will help to hide all the bumps and cracks, besides this is a very inexpensive way to diversify the interior. However, there are also disadvantages. For example, you can decorate the ceiling with wallpaper only in a room with even corners. In addition, after a while the wallpaper will need to be replaced. Another good option is artistic painting. Against a plain light background, an ornament that repeats the details of the interior will look great.

Bedroom interior decoration

Wallpaper suitable for walls. There are no special requirements for this coverage. They can be smooth, and fabric, and even embossed. The most important thing is color. For a small bedroom, light canvases are perfect, more space can be beaten with bright accents. Horizontal stripes will help to expand the room, but vertical ones perfectly raise the ceiling. Photo wallpaper will add personality to the room. They are able to turn the bedroom into a tropical island, jungle or metropolis. It is extremely important that the theme of the wallpaper is in harmony with the overall idea of ​​the room.

Choose curtains

The sun's rays in the bedroom are unwanted guests. Especially when the owners of the room dream of getting enough sleep after a hard day. That is why it is so important to choose the right textiles. The classic style provides for the presence of heavy multilayer curtains - with lambrequins anddecor. High-tech is characterized by blinds; Provence cannot be imagined without translucent curtains. A good option for a bedroom decorated in any style is roller blinds or Roman blinds, which hide under the ceiling during the day and guarantee a complete absence of light at night.

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