"Fifteen" (car): specifications and photos

"Fifteen" (car): specifications and photos
"Fifteen" (car): specifications and photos

The product of the Russian car industry VAZ-2115, or "Lada Samara-2", aka "fifteen", is a car that is nothing more than a restyled version of the VAZ-21099, produced from 1997 to 2012. What is this model?

About the car

The first plans of the designers were to create an improved version of the popular "ninety-ninth", which meant making fundamental changes to the main components of the car, including the engine and chassis. But for various reasons, this bold modernization plan was abandoned, and most of the mechanisms were simply rearranged from their predecessor.

At the same time, one cannot say that "ninety-ninth" is the same as "fifteen". The car has been somewhat modified. As a result, for all 15 years that the cars of this model left the assembly line, about 750 thousand copies were produced.


The exterior has become more solid due to improved front optics and light signals. have changedthe shape of the car, as a result they have become less angular. "Fifteen" - a car, the photo of which allows you to verify the attractiveness of such a model.

tag machine

Another nice innovation is the increase in trunk space. The loading height has been lowered, making it easier to put things in and out of the car.

Among the useful changes, it is worth noting the possibility of installing heated seats, the presence of electric lifts and fog lights, which has become a big plus for owners. In addition, the “tag” is a car that is already equipped with an on-board computer as standard.

Motor specifications

Initially, the vehicle was equipped with only one engine option. The one and a half liter carburetor engine, which produced only 72 horsepower, was frankly weak. Almost all the owners noted that the “tag” could not boast of this knot. The car, whose engine characteristics were clearly not up to par, was distinguished by agility only when there was one driver in the cabin. When fully loaded, it was obvious that the heart of the iron horse could not cope with the load.

tag car photo

Three years after the start of the assembly of the model, small changes were made to the power unit: an additional 6 horsepower was added to the power. After another seven years, it was decided to install a new motor. And the “speck” - a car that received a 1.6-liter engine with 81 hp, began to like it moremotorists.

Owner Reviews

A car is a complex technical device that, in addition to performing the main task (to be a means of transportation), must also satisfy other needs of people that grow with the development of science and technology. Therefore, when choosing an iron horse, motorists want to get a large number of options. Some of the owners, speaking about the "tag" - a Russian-made car, compare it with relatives produced by well-known auto giants in other countries. Obviously, in such comparisons, she seriously loses. But many say that in general, the car at an affordable price turned out to be quite good.

From the shortcomings, the following should be noted:

  • paint wears off quickly;
  • corrosion proof;
  • small space for rear passengers;
  • poor soundproofing;
  • low power motor.

In addition to the affordable price, the "speck" has the following advantages:

  • low fuel consumption;
  • inexpensive parts always in stock;
  • strong body;
  • spacious trunk;
  • attractive appearance.
about a tag car

"Fifteen" is a car whose technical characteristics are not particularly impressive, but it has found its customers. For some, she became a disappointment, and for some, with her minor flaws, a good and reliable friend.

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