Chainsaw: how to choose a good tool?

Chainsaw: how to choose a good tool?
Chainsaw: how to choose a good tool?
how to choose a chainsaw for home

Works such as cutting firewood or repairing small buildings require special tools. Among them, the

chainsaw is considered the most necessary tool. "How to choose such a device?" and “What do you need to pay attention to?” - such questions often arise before buyers. After all, the quality of the purchased purchase depends on the success of the work performed and the service life of the tool.


Many different jobs can be done with this tool. It is also used by lovers of fishing in the winter season for harvesting holes and ice holes, and by builders for sawing boards, foam blocks and other materials. Those who have a household or summer cottage also definitely need a chainsaw. How to choose this cutting attachment, perhaps it will be more clear if we look at its device.

Usuallyall types of saws powered by gasoline have the same design, which consists of the following main components:

  • Engine with two tanks for fuel and oil, for chain lubrication.
  • Carburetor for supplying gasoline to the cylinder of the piston system.
  • Working system consisting of chain and guide bar.
  • Anti-vibration device.
  • how to choose a good chainsaw

Types of cutting tools

There are several types of such a tool as a chainsaw. How to choose a suitable implement among the available attachments may be clear from the following descriptions:

  • Household fuel-powered saw has a power of about 1.5 kW. It is used for small-scale work, for example, pruning trees, etc. Such devices are notable for their low cost and small dimensions.

  • Semi-professional chainsaw - this unit has a power of about 3 kW. It is mainly used in construction and carpentry, where prolonged use of this tool is not required.

  • Professional unit - it is chosen for heavy loads (up to 8 hours of operation). Such chainsaws are of high cost due to the use of expensive materials in the production of this type. It is used in large-scale construction and logging, the power of the tool is 3-6 kW.

Useful tips when choosing a chainsaw

In the question of how to choose a good chainsaw,perhaps a few tips will help you figure it out:

  • When choosing a cutting attachment, you need to pay attention to the accessories. For example, a short tire has a higher speed than a similar long piece.

  • The cutting element of the saw - the chain - is produced with a different pitch range. As a rule, for professional devices, this value is 0.404 inches, and for a small amount of work, an aggregate with a value of 0.325 is sufficient.

  • It is better to get a chainsaw equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a special device that provides shock protection, which is called an inert brake.

  • Vibrations are an essential part of working with a tool like a chainsaw. How to choose a suitable and at the same time safe operating device is an important issue. To reduce the effect of constant vibrations, various systems are used, for example, suspensions with a spring mechanism, dampers (devices for damping motor pulsations) mainly made of rubber, and others.

  • For work at low temperatures, it is better to use tools with a built-in special system (Easy ise), which preserves parts of the fixture from damage and hypothermia.

chainsaw how to choose

Fuel-powered cutting attachments significantly reduce labor costs and, in addition, allow you to perform work at a high quality level. The above information may be useful insolving the problem of how to choose a chainsaw for the home, as well as expanding knowledge about the devices for this purpose.

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