Kelly steamer: reviews, advantages, disadvantages

Kelly steamer: reviews, advantages, disadvantages
Kelly steamer: reviews, advantages, disadvantages

Reviews about the Kelly steamer are mixed. However, it is worth understanding the principles of its operation, as it becomes clear - this compact device does its job perfectly. The small and light steamer is ideal for ironing fine details. When traveling or on a business trip, it will be very useful and will not take up much space.

Kelly Hand Steamer

To get started, pour 250 ml of water into the tank, wait 1-2 minutes until the liquid boils. After steam starts to flow from the spout, you can start smoothing. Use boiled water to prevent scale formation. By the way, this tip is also good for other household appliances that use hot water, such as irons or steamers.


Kelly's main advantages include compactness and light weight. With prolonged use, the hands get tired less, although from time to time you will have to add water. According to reviews, the steamer"Kelly" perfectly smoothes places where it is difficult to get an iron: pockets, darts, folds, tucks. It is very convenient to use this machine for smoothing ruffles and frills, in this case the process is much faster than with a conventional iron.

Kelly steamer with brush


Hold the device vertically so as not to spill boiling water. In reviews of the Kelly manual steamer, buyers note that an anti-drip system is not provided here. However, this is not a problem if the unit is held in the correct position. Another disadvantage is the short power cord: its length is only 1.5 meters, so an extension cord is a must. The power of this steamer is small, so heavy fabrics, such as blackout curtains, may not be able to handle it.

In order for the steamer to serve for a long time and faithfully, one should not overestimate its capabilities: it cannot become a full-fledged replacement for irons. However, for smoothing hard-to-reach places on clothes, it is almost indispensable.

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