Studio layout: photos, options, examples

Studio layout: photos, options, examples
Studio layout: photos, options, examples

In our country, studio apartments began to gain their popularity relatively recently. And almost immediately they became in demand. Apartments of a small area, where only the bathroom is separated from the rest of the space by a wall, are in demand among bohemians and students. Such housing is certainly not suitable for a family of three or more people. Of particular interest is the layout of the studio. After all, free space can be arranged in different ways.

studio layout

What is a studio apartment

The main principle of this housing is the absence of walls and partitions or their minimum number.

The layout of the studio, given the small area of ​​the room, implies the division of space into functional zones.

Various methods are used for this:

  1. Color zoning. Choose contrasting paints or wallpaper for the walls. This allows you to draw clear boundaries between zones.
  2. Arrangement of furniture. Household items are arranged strictly in accordance with the functional areas of the room.
  3. The difference in gender levels. For example, a recreation area may rise above the work area. This is done using the podium.

Selection of studio layout

Many owners feel that their apartment is very small. But some people do have housing, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich does not exceed 30 square meters. m.

However, the correct layout of a small studio allows you to accommodate all the areas necessary for a comfortable life.

photo studio layout

In the classic version, such an apartment contains:

  • corridor;
  • bathroom;
  • kitchen;
  • bedroom.

Sometimes even a dressing room in the form of a built-in wardrobe contains a studio.

The layout, design of the room must be carefully thought out. In creating an interior, there are many design techniques that allow you to expand the space and prepare a studio apartment for a comfortable full-fledged life.

Planning change

Before you start redevelopment in the apartment, you need to clearly imagine what final look your home should have. Designers recommend not being too lazy and drawing a diagram on paper.

Your studio layout should consider important rules:

  1. The sleeping place should be located as far as possible from the front door.
  2. With a separate bathroom, it would be advisable to turn it into a combined one.
  3. For the kitchen, it will also be a dining room, gooda bar counter or a window sill table will do.
  4. If the apartment has a balcony, then it can be combined with the living space. This solution will expand the living space and give more light. But at the same time it is necessary to insulate the balcony. And the place where there was a window perfectly turns into a bar counter.
studio layout design

Sanitary zone

Sufficiently simple solutions will allow you to effectively equip this area.

  1. Moisture resistant materials should be used for finishing the bathroom.
  2. It is recommended to decorate the bathroom in light colors. This will help visually enlarge the space and fill it with light.
  3. Places that are often exposed to moisture can be laid out with ceramic tiles, and the rest can be plastered.
  4. A suitable solution would be to install a shower cabin, rather than a classic bathtub. This will allow you to put a washing machine in the bathroom. In addition, you can slightly reduce the space allocated for the sanitary zone. This increases living space.

Floor coverings

After you have schematically drawn the layout of the studio (the photos posted in the article allow you to get acquainted with the original design options), you can proceed to the arrangement of the room.

studio layout options

Let's start with the floor. It is desirable to choose a coating such that it is suitable for both the kitchen and the residential part. The ideal option is linoleum and tile.

Both materials last a long time, wash well and have optimalvalue for money. At the same time, linoleum is warm and soft. And the tile is resistant to mechanical damage.

Designers do not recommend choosing wood flooring. Such a floor will not be able to withstand constant wet cleaning.

Window decoration

In a studio apartment, window sills can not be used for their intended purpose. This is a great way to expand the space.

Designers, thinking through various options for planning a studio, give the following ways to use window sills:

  1. You can make a kitchen or computer table out of them. This is a great space saver.
  2. Wide window sill can be used as a table-stand for kitchen appliances. For example, for a multicooker or an electric kettle.

Don't forget about slopes. They can visually expand the room if they are decorated with mirror mosaics. This is a rather original solution that will bring a "flavor" to the interior.

small studio layout

Studio Walls

The layout of the studio includes many important points.

Pay attention to the walls:

  1. Do not paste them with the same wallpaper or paint in the same color. Remember about zoning: in the kitchen, you can decorate the walls with imitation of red brick, and decorate the living room with a photo collage or photo wallpaper.
  2. The main element of the interior of a small apartment is a mirror. They expand the room and add light to the room. But do not hang them all the walls.
  3. All interior details must match each other. Nonefrills of things that only take up space and have no functionality.
  4. When choosing a photo wallpaper, give preference to an architectural and urban theme. This option will look great and correspond to the spirit of minimalism. The black and white print goes well with plain light walls.

Properly placed furniture along the walls will help save space. The main thing is to create coziness and comfort.


The right interior palette plays an important role in any apartment, especially for a studio.

In a small area, the choice of wall color is very relevant. A good solution would be the predominance of white in the residential part. It can be supplemented with other colors: beige, blue, gray.

Furniture and decor

Excellent examples of studio layout you can see in the photos posted in the article.

studio layout examples

If you want to come up with your own design, then listen to the advice of experts:

  1. As mentioned earlier, do not clutter up the space with unnecessary things. All interior details in a studio apartment should be useful. For example, bright purple pillows that will contrast with a light gray sofa. The combination of cool and bright colors helps to visually expand the space.
  2. It's best to stick to minimalism in the setting. Use items that perform several tasks at once. Instead of a bulky bed, it is better to use a sofa bed. It is functional andwon't take up much space.
  3. It's worth remembering that it's all about color. By applying simple design tips, you can visually expand the space without tearing down any walls or hanging mirrors.

Studio apartment can be classified as economy class housing. It is small in size, and a large family cannot accommodate in it. If you approach the layout and design of the room with intelligence and taste, then in the end the apartment can turn out to be much better and more comfortable than large dwellings. Indeed, most often huge apartments are simply filled with bulky furniture, which only absorbs space and does not bring any aesthetic effect.

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