Choosing a shower tray for a summer residence

Choosing a shower tray for a summer residence
Choosing a shower tray for a summer residence

Incredibly fashionable in recent decades, shower cabins have prompted users not only to install them not only in comfortable urban-type apartments, but also in summer cottages. It is worth paying attention: rather expensive shower cabins can be replaced with a ready-made pallet and a home-made cabin installed above it.

Shower tray for summer cottage

Shower tray for a summer residence

This version of the hygiene device is in no way inferior to advanced glass cabins with lights and other high-tech elements, on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to experiment, allowing you to use cheaper building materials to complete a summer shower. Shower trays for the country house can be purchased separately, despite the fact that they are included in the package of modern shower cabins. They are made of various materials (steel with enamel, cast iron, plastic, ceramics, marble) of various colors, come in various shapes - round, square, triangular, with rounded corners of various curvature radii. Their depth varies from 5 to 20sentiment. The shower tray for giving can have both a smooth bottom and a ribbed one - with relief embossing. The purpose of this pattern is not only for aesthetics, but also to prevent feet from slipping on the wet surface of the tray while taking a shower. The shower tray for a summer house for this can also be covered with a special anti-slip material.

Acrylic pallet

Acrylic shower trays

In summer conditions, both in the early morning and after a hot day, you especially want to douse yourself with a stream of cool water. Therefore, a full-fledged closed shower is not only expensive, but also an unnecessary pleasure in a country house. In such conditions, you probably need to take care that it is warm under your feet and there is no slipping. In this regard, enamelled steel, ceramic or marble trays are less comfortable. But there is a way out. Pallets made of acrylic, a type of polymer material, are especially popular. Acrylic shower trays have such an important advantage as light weight, which facilitates and simplifies their installation, provides convenience during transportation. But the main advantage of the acrylic tray is its warm surface, which adds comfort while taking a shower. Some acrylic shower trays require screens or tiling to be installed. This will not be necessary if the acrylic tray has a screen cast on all sides. Some varieties of square acrylic trays are made with a molded seat. However, do not forget that in winter conditions, an acrylic pallet cancan not withstand low temperature or its extremes.

Building a pallet with our own hands

Shower trays for the cottage

A shower tray for a summer residence can be made with your own hands from a wide variety of materials - brick, concrete, paving slabs or ordinary boards. It should be equipped with a drain for water, but, perhaps, only if the piece of land near it does not absorb the volume that you used. Then a simple drain is constructed, which is a half-meter recess under a makeshift pallet, covered with rubble. You can complicate the design of the drain by strengthening the walls of this recess in the ground or by constructing a full-fledged sewer. Water can be drained from under the pallet using a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm to a drain pit having a depth of up to 1.5 meters. The latter must be filled with filter media. Above this whole structure, a makeshift cabin is installed, equipped with various shelves and hooks for shower accessories.

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