Aluminum tape: application and characteristics

Aluminum tape: application and characteristics
Aluminum tape: application and characteristics

Aluminum tape is a product consisting of a foil on which an adhesive coating is applied. This type of material has a high level of reflection of thermal radiation and ultraviolet rays, which allows it to be used in the repair of thermal insulation.

aluminum tape

Just like metal, aluminum tape is used for a variety of construction and installation work. The adhesive mixture that is part of the product has special properties and is able to withstand high temperatures up to 350 degrees, which makes this material durable.

Due to its reflective properties, aluminum tape is indispensable in the repair and manufacture of thermal insulation, it is used in industry to create and repair air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Foil, which is the basis of this material, has good moisture resistance, thermal insulation, as well as sealing against impactsaggressive environment.

The unique combination of qualities allows the use of aluminum tape in plumbing systems, in air and heat pipelines. The product is used in saunas, baths and stoves. With it, quickly and easily make connections of foil materials.

reinforced aluminum tape

It is very convenient to use the material for sealing corrosion defects when painting, for example, in cars. In addition, aluminum tape is used in the production of household kitchen appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, stoves).

Typically, adhesive aluminum tape comes in rolls. And the adhesive composition can sometimes be covered with a protective additional layer.

Before using this material, it is necessary to check the quality of the processed surface. If it is clean, dry and non-greasy, then peel off the protective layer from the tape and apply aluminum tape.

In order for the product to serve for a long time, the following points must be considered. The tape can only be applied to a dry, oil-free surface. Reinforced aluminum tape should not be used at humidity levels over 100%. Do not use the product twice, it is disposable.

aluminum tape

Before use, it is not recommended to touch the adhesive composition with your hands.

To get better sealing, use reinforced aluminum tape. This material has improved characteristics. It is made of PVC with the inclusion of fabric fibers, on topwhich is applied with special polyethylene.

This layer allows you to protect the surface from the penetration of dirt and water. Reinforced tape is used to perform plumbing work, as well as to protect goods.

Thus, the use of the material is due to its properties such as incombustibility combined with high sound and heat insulating qualities, resistance to deformation at high temperatures. Adhesive tape is not hygroscopic, has biological and chemical stability. Also, the material is easily mounted and retains its dimensions during the entire period of operation.

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