Drill bits - functionality and benefits

Drill bits - functionality and benefits
Drill bits - functionality and benefits

A good drill is a necessary thing in the household. Not a single construction project can do without it, and it is difficult to imagine carrying out even the slightest repair in an apartment without this tool - it is almost irreplaceable. Its main function is, of course, drilling holes. Moreover, depending on the type of drills, they can be done using such a device in wood, brick, concrete and even metal. In special cases, when the recess needs to be made at a certain angle, special drill bits will come in handy.

Drill bits

In order to be fully equipped by the beginning of construction, it is better to think over the necessary “arsenal” of tools and fixtures in advance. A grinder, a grinder, a saw are good helpers in carrying out construction work. The only shame is that their acquisition will cost a lot. Do not be upset - an ordinary drill with the help of various nozzles can also replace a machinefor grinding, and a grinder. Let's see which of them and how will help us in the repair.

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned drills (pobedite, diamond, hardened steel), as well as crowns for wood and brick, which allow cutting holes of large diameter, will come in handy in many cases. But when working with concrete, it is better to use a special low-carbon steel drill that has a triangular tip.

Nozzle for a drill - circle cutter - will allow you to easily and simply cut a hole of the desired diameter in chipboard, plywood and hardboard, and the "ballerina" is an ideal assistant when cutting tiles.

Drill bits

Renovation in an apartment involves the preparation of building mixtures, and is it necessary to achieve a homogeneous mass quickly and easily? Drill attachments will come to the rescue, with the help of which this tool, like a mixer, mixes loose or liquid materials. When choosing such a device in a hardware store, give preference to a longer version - in this case, much less splash will fall on the drill itself. Please note that when working with this nozzle, you need to remove it from the prepared solution only after it has stopped rotating. Otherwise, as with careless work with a kitchen mixer, you risk leaving traces of the mixture on the walls.

Cleaning and polishing, preparing surfaces for coating with paints and varnishes is not an easy task. But if the volumes are small, then special nozzles for a drill in the form of a brush will help to cope with them, saving time and effort. Moreover, depending onwhat will be processed with their help (wood or metal), bristles of suitable stiffness are selected.

Drill attachment

Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply. So, in response to the complaints of tired farmers raising chickens and other birds, busy plucking the carcasses of their wards, unique drill attachments were invented that greatly facilitate this process. By the way, hunters who shoot wild birds can also come in handy. Due to the special design, the plumage with this device is removed much faster, and the skin remains intact. It is worth considering that skill in this matter, as in any other, is of considerable importance.

In cases where there is a need to carefully cut sheet metal, drill bits that can replace metal shears will come in handy. In addition to ease of use, the positive aspects include material savings and a smooth edge surface without any bends. And one more device can turn an ordinary drill into a kind of grinder.

Now it's clear why you can't do without a drill in the household. This tool is really necessary, and with the help of various attachments, its usefulness increases significantly.

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