Emery machines: description, types, features, instructions and reviews

Emery machines: description, types, features, instructions and reviews
Emery machines: description, types, features, instructions and reviews

The cutting tool needs regular maintenance to maintain its performance. It is impossible to perform high-quality sharpening or grinding operations with manual devices. For this, special equipment is used, equipped with appropriate abrasive elements. As a rule, emery machines are used for such tasks, which are equipped with a grindstone. There are compact models for domestic use, and modifications for industrial use with increased performance, so choosing the right option is not difficult.

General information about emery machines

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In terms of the device, such equipment is in many ways reminiscent of traditional cut-off saws. However, there are significant differences in the working bodies. Said grindstone can be represented by abrasive wheels with different grain size, thickness and diameter. It is these parameters that largely determine whether the installation belongs to a certain class of equipment. The range of functions that the unit is capable of performing also depends on the characteristics of the circle. For example, a grinding and emery machine is equipped with a fine-grained tape, and to performfull sharpening, use models that support rough grinding discs.

The power of the machine also matters, which varies from 200 to 1000 watts. This indicator affects the ability of the equipment to perform operations with different materials. For example, the higher the power, the more efficient the processing of metal products. And on the other hand, if only decorative or external surface finishing is planned in the form of getting rid of burrs and minor defects, then a small power within 500 W will suffice.

Design features

The main difference between the device of such machines is the configuration of the cutting elements. The unit can be equipped with two discs or a combination with a wheel and a sanding belt. As a rule, craftsmen strive to implement a combination of processing components that perform different functions. So, if it is planned to sharpen a heavily deformed or new tool, then at the first stage a coarse-grained disk can be used, after which a grinding belt comes into play, providing a finishing surface to an optimal state. In most cases, emery machines provide for a perpendicular arrangement of one working element with respect to the second. Such a configuration, as the experience of specialists shows, is the most beneficial both in terms of operator convenience and in terms of the quality of the result.

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Varieties of equipment

The main classification involves the division of machinesby the nature of processing activities. The most common is a universal unit, the functional capabilities and power of which are enough to perform a full range of grinding operations. Also familiar to many craftsmen is a grinding machine, which is focused on processing high-speed steel tools. Specialized equipment should also include grinding units, with the help of which complex processing of chains is performed. Also, the emery-grinding machine is classified according to the type of installation. Two types of models are common - desktop and floor. The first option is a group of medium-sized household units that perform simple grinding and sharpening tasks. Floor-standing models have a more massive design, have high performance and, as a rule, are used in enterprises in continuous operation.

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Operating instructions

Practically all sharpening and grinding operations are performed in two stages. First, the operator must form a smooth bevel. It is important that the edges are sharp, not burnt or rounded. The main task at this stage is to grind the surface from the right sides so that a cutting edge that is optimal in its qualities is formed. This will allow at the second stage to form a blade with the necessary parameters. So, at the second stage, emery machines are used to perform editing. This is achieved by sharpening the blade and giving it the necessary sharpness. In addition, in the same part of the event, the operatoreliminates possible defects that were left in the process of forming the edge. These can be roughness, burrs and various irregularities that are eliminated by grinding at low speeds.

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Maintenance instructions

Major maintenance involves a complete disassembly of the machine with a thorough revision of the technical stuffing. The condition of the motor, as well as the components and components associated with it, is checked. The condition of the hull and its parts deserves special attention. It is important not to forget that the strength and reliability of the design of such units directly affect the safety of the work process. Disks are also checked before each working session. The condition of a circle is judged not only by its appearance. Professional craftsmen run emery machines with discs and listen to them for the presence of beats. In fact, this is an analysis for increased vibration, which may indicate unevenness in the edges of the disc. You can correct the situation with a diamond pencil or cutter. These devices remove excess from circles, thus reducing deviations during rotation.

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User reviews of emery machines

With the right choice of machine in terms of functions assigned to it, users in most cases manage to achieve the expected results. Owners especially praise high-power models. Such equipment is devoid of the disadvantages of low-power units and, as a rule, can be used asuniversal technology. These units include a floor emery machine, which covers the entire range of sharpening and grinding operations. True, the cost of such models is quite high.

Producers and prices

The assortment is wide and contains products of many popular brands in the construction market. The most worthy offers can be found in the Bosch, Makita, Metabo and Hammer lines. As for domestic production, this category is represented by Energomash, Zubr, Interskol, etc. The cost varies on average from 1.5 to 7 thousand rubles. At the same time, it is important to take into account that a desktop emery machine, the price of which does not exceed 2 thousand rubles, is more likely to be able to provide only simple grinding operations. For serious sharpening, you should focus on foreign equipment costing from 4-5 thousand rubles.


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Emery machines are a very conservative type of equipment. Their principle of operation leaves little room for the introduction of high technologies and even automated systems. Therefore, the main direction in which the most popular desktop emery machine is being improved is to increase the reliability of the design and the accuracy of the work operations. To do this, manufacturers are using ever higher quality alloys for the manufacture of housings, developing effective configurations for the location of functional parts, and also working on security systems. However, there is also progress in terms ofergonomics. The latest machines, for example, have backlighting and more convenient controls.

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