Preparation and use of Bordeaux mixture

Preparation and use of Bordeaux mixture
Preparation and use of Bordeaux mixture

Today, the use of fungicides in agriculture has become a necessity. Due to the large number of fungal diseases, farmers have to fight for the crop with pests, as well as plant diseases. The most affordable and effective drug is the Bordeaux mixture.

Bordeaux mixture

For the preparation of this drug, ordinary building lime and copper sulfate are used. The agent is supplied to the market in cardboard boxes, and each package contains 5 paper indicators necessary for the preparation of the solution. Product release form - packages weighing 600 and 900 grams.

The use of the Bordeaux mixture is associated with the preparation of the liquid of the same name by dilution with water. The resulting solution is used to treat fruit trees (against scab, spotting), grapes (fight against mildew).

Spraying plants using Bordeaux mixture begins in early spring, before the leaves bloom. To do this, use a 3% solution of the drug. Before using the prepared solution, it is filtered with a gauze cloth -to avoid clogging the atomizer.

It is possible to use the product during the growing season of plants. At the same time, a 1% solution of the drug is prepared. The plant must be treated with the finished substance no later than an hour later.

Bordeaux mixture instructions

Bordeaux mixture preparation is sold in two bags: blue (copper sulfate) and white (lime). Both packages must be carefully opened and poured into different containers (not metal). Add a small amount of warm water to copper sulfate. Then add more liquid, bringing the solution to 5 liters.

In another container, a solution of lime is prepared in the same way, using water at room temperature. Cooked blue vitriol slowly, in a thin stream, is poured onto lime. Both solutions should be cold at the time of joining.

In order to check if the Bordeaux mixture is ready, the instruction suggests mixing the resulting solution with a metal object. If copper deposits settle on the metal, it is necessary to increase the concentration of lime in the solution.

When growing a large number of vegetables, it is impossible to do without such a tool as Bordeaux mixture. For cucumbers, it is necessary to prepare a preparation with a reduced concentration of the active substance (0.5-0.75%). Thanks to this, having processed the plants during the growing season, you can eat the resulting fruits.

Bordeaux mixture for cucumbers

Thus, the correct use of Bordeaux mixture will help get rid of fungal diseases and save plants.In this case, one should remember about the obligatory observance of the proportion when preparing the solution for processing. Otherwise, the use of a highly concentrated preparation will lead to damage to the root system of the plant and its death. To avoid this, do not forget to check the acidity of the resulting solution using the test indicators that are included in the kit. Neglecting these rules will deprive you of the long-awaited harvest.

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