Location of spotlights: rules, possible options

Location of spotlights: rules, possible options
Location of spotlights: rules, possible options

In interior design, lighting is essential. Light can transform any room. The correct location of spotlights allows you to emphasize the dignity of the room, hide the flaws. Accommodation options are described in the article.

When inspecting a room, measurers offer many options for the location of spotlights. Small lighting bulbs are combined with chandeliers or LED strips. Such combinations give many design options, so you need to rely on technical points.

Area and accommodation

It is necessary to consider the size of the room, its purpose and natural light. It should be remembered that it will be possible to reduce the brightness with additional switches or a combination of several lamps, but it is impossible to increase the illumination. The installer will help you calculate the right level of light.

spotlights location on the ceiling photo

The layout of the spotlights matters. For example, in the bedroomit is undesirable to place a lot of devices above the bed. In the living room, you need to take into account the place to relax and the placement of the TV, so it is advisable to choose the separate inclusion of several lamps.


Spotlights are usually built into the ceiling or installed near it. In this case, heat dissipation must be taken into account. Tension models, where PVC film was used, are not able to withstand a load level of more than 40 watts. Fabric options can handle 60W light bulbs.

location of spotlights in the hall

Halogen lamps reduce the allowable parameter to 20 and 35 watts. These values ​​are important because they increase the life of the ceiling. For large rooms, experts advise choosing a chandelier, combining it with spotlights. The latter will divide the room into zones, create a pleasant atmosphere. The chandelier gives the right level of illumination.


If the location of spotlights on a stretch ceiling does not involve the installation of a full-fledged chandelier, then you should choose the option with the placement of elements with external fastening. This solves the issue of thermal conductivity, and it will turn out to increase the allowable power.

It is desirable to equip halogen lamps with a dimmer. A special dimming device is not suitable for energy-saving lamps, as models periodically turn off completely and quickly fail.

With the layout of the zonal location of spotlights, it is advisable to choose the option with rotarymechanisms. In this situation, the desired direction of light is obtained and the absence of crowding on the ceiling is ensured.

The master measurer is able to determine the appropriate number of fixtures. The main norms are as follows: for 1 point element there are 2 m2 of the ceiling space. This means that about 15 fixtures need to be installed for a room of 25 m2. Regulations vary depending on the model, power, type of ceiling, room, combination with other details and natural light.

Chandelier and spotlights

There are different options for the location of spotlights on the ceiling. If the method with a hanging chandelier is chosen, then it must be placed in the center. It is usually installed in large living rooms, where only spotlights are not enough.

The main advantage is brightness: the distance from the ceiling does not provide additional restrictions on the power of light bulbs. Of the minuses, excessive lighting of the central part of the room, the creation of shadows in the corners are distinguished. The disadvantage is the design: the chandelier can not be combined with all interior options.

location options for spotlights

The location of spotlights on the stretch ceiling is also varied. Moreover, many do not imagine such a ceiling without such lighting. The demand is associated with a variety of shapes and designs. Samples are great for any interior. With them, comfort is created, it becomes possible to zone the room. The negative point concerns the limitation of light bulbs in terms of power. Usuallybuilt-in options with a power of 40 watts do not provide the right level of lighting for a large room.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs

Incandescent lamps are in demand because of the wide scope of use (installation in dusty or damp rooms is allowed), low price and simple operation. Among the shortcomings, high thermal conductivity is distinguished, so the lamps must be placed at a great distance from the stretch ceiling.

Thanks to halogen lamps, unique compositions and lighting are obtained. Multi-level high ceilings with different lighting look especially original. The negative point is the rapid heating of halogen lamps. Because of this, they should not be allowed to burn for a long time, since heat generation will damage the expensive structure.

Original Views

Fluorescent lamps are not able to heat up, they are used when installing the ceiling in various rooms. The increased level of efficiency makes them popular and efficient. They don't have any significant downsides. But you can not use the dimmer at high humidity. The problem is solved with a good exhaust or ventilation in the bathroom.

LEDs look great. Tapes can be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling. Individual lamps have a high efficiency and give good lighting, but the price of such a design is not small. Of the negative points, the low reliability of power supplies is distinguished.

The measurer evaluates the size of the room, the height of the ceilings and listens to the wishes of the client. When a ceiling is selected, the new height of the room is determined and the required height is calculatedSveta. Many companies offer customers classic options for the location of spotlights.

Placement rules

Before installing fixtures, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for installation. In order for the lighting to turn out to be of high quality, you must follow simple recommendations:

  1. There must be at least 200 mm between spotlights to the corner of the wall and ceiling.
  2. If the chandelier is used alone, then it must be placed in the center. In studio apartments, it is advisable to use 1 chandelier above each work area.
  3. In stretch ceilings, from the lamp to the seam of the PVC film, there must be at least 150 mm.
  4. One spot device is enough to illuminate no more than 2 m2. When calculating the required number of fixtures, one must rely on the fact that 1 fixture is enough for 1.5 m22.
  5. If the luminaires will be placed symmetrically, there should be the same distance between the fixtures, the individual device and the wall.

The distance to the windows doesn't matter. The main task is that the light illuminates all the objects in the room. The tips are suitable for placing spots in stretch, suspended and slatted ceilings.

Best schemes

Customers can make changes to schemas. Masters should warn about technical issues and help make the right choice. Common layouts for spotlights on a stretch ceiling include the following options:

  1. Oval. This option is ideal for large living rooms and bedrooms. Devices are placed in the forman oval around the perimeter of the room, and in the center the space should be empty. For the bedroom additional light is not needed. In large rooms, you should use a chandelier, which is turned on if bright light is needed.
  2. Circular arrangement. It should be chosen if you need good lighting in the center of the room. The corners of the room will be dark, so they install floor lamps or hang sconces in them.
  3. Corner location. The appliances create a cozy atmosphere. But the center of the room will hardly be illuminated. The option is ideal for the bedroom. The problem of lack of light is solved by a chandelier in the center.
  4. In the form of 2 semicircles. The scheme is chosen for high-quality lighting in the corners of the room. The chandelier in the center should not be used only in a very small room.
  5. Cruciform arrangement. In this case, no additional light sources are needed. With such a scheme, the entire room is illuminated, but the installation of a large number of spotlights is required.
  6. The rectangular scheme visually enlarges the area of ​​the room. Therefore, the option is indispensable for a small room.
  7. The arc-shaped scheme is chosen for spacious rooms where zonal delineation of light is necessary for design. A high concentration of light bulbs directs light to the desired part of the room.
  8. Wave. This is a complex scheme, the design of which may differ depending on the area and layout of the room. Waves are perfect for spacious living rooms with unusual layouts.

At the request of the client, several options can be combined. It is also allowed to create a unique pattern using lightingdevices.

location of spotlights on a stretch ceiling photo

As you can see in the photo, the location of spotlights of any kind is original. But with the layout and placement of appliances, the height of the ceilings, the illumination and design of the room, as well as the purpose of the room are taken into account. The requirements for the living room and the nursery are different. It is necessary to provide a suitable location, install light level sensors and other additional functions.


For the bedroom, experts advise choosing a rectangular arrangement. Spotlights illuminate a large area perfectly, providing twilight in the center, where the bed is usually located.

Additional light is provided by a chandelier. In the bedroom, this element will not be mandatory, but sometimes strong bright lighting is required. Switches for such elements must be separate. Additional recommendations relate to the choice of the shape and size of the instruments. The bedroom area is usually small, so the lamps should be compact and in the same style. It is preferable to install a dimmer, as the room requires periodic dimming of the lights for a comfortable environment.

In the nursery

In the nursery, it is desirable to choose a light division into zones. In this room, the child usually plays, studies, sleeps. The play area needs more light so that the eyes do not get tired, so it is advisable to place more lamps above this area. For a desktop, you should buy table lamps with bright light.

The rest bed should not be too litbright. Many children find it difficult to fall asleep without light, which must also be taken into account. To ensure comfort, you can install a luminaire on the ceiling that provides a slight diffused light. If you have financial opportunities, you can use mirrors and spotlights, which will create a fabulous atmosphere in the children's room.

Living room

As you can see in the photo, the location of spotlights on the ceiling looks elegant if it is matched to the design of the room. This room is usually the largest. Many families receive guests in it, organize holidays, and gather to watch TV. Therefore, suitable lighting is needed. The location of spotlights in the hall should be comfortable. Such devices look harmonious in modern types of design.

location of spotlights in the kitchen

Many experts believe that it is desirable to place light bulbs around the perimeter, matching them with a chandelier in the center. To make the room cozy, you can fix the LED strip along the edge of the multi-level suspended ceiling. Even if the main lights are turned off, the room will look great.


The location of spotlights in the kitchen should be such that there is good lighting. It is important that the appliances brightly illuminate the countertop and sink. But besides them, additional lamps will be required.

location of spotlights

It is desirable to create several options for light - bright and soft. So enough light will be received for work, creating a pleasant atmosphere onkitchen. The dining area is best illuminated with low-hanging ceiling lamps or chandeliers. If the kitchen is small, then lighting can be installed above and below wall cabinets, as well as mounted in furniture.


Usually, experts advise using simple methods for placing lighting equipment for this room. In narrow hallways, 3-5 light bulbs look great. If the room is square, 2 rows of 4 bulbs each will suffice.

Glossy ceiling looks great in cramped spaces. The lamps will then be placed below - you need to choose pendant models. But designers recommend hiding the lamps so that the light is visible only from them.


As you can see in the photo, the location of the spotlights on the stretch ceiling favorably emphasizes the design of the room. The bathroom does not require a lot of bright lighting. Usually up to 10 devices are enough, which give a soft glow. Lamps illuminate decor details, tiles, plumbing. This will be enough to make the room cozy.

location of spotlights on a stretch ceiling

Thus, spotlights can be placed in rooms in different ways. It is important that they look harmonious. Then there will always be a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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