Eaves ceiling lighting: features, examples and photos

Eaves ceiling lighting: features, examples and photos
Eaves ceiling lighting: features, examples and photos

Eaves ceiling lighting is both an easy way to enhance the visual impact of a design and one of the available lighting options in a stretch ceiling room. It is not difficult to install such an element, it is enough to integrate the network into the wiring, or even use direct power. At the same time, such a solution is distinguished by an interesting and very beautiful embodiment, conditional availability and the ability to do it yourself, at home. The article will tell you how to make a led strip ceiling lighting and what to focus on in the process of choosing and installing a project.

How does it look in the interior?


This solution itself requires the installation of an additional structure, which, as it were, will cover the wires on the ceiling or wall. This can be done by installing a drywall cornice, a one-piece structure made of the same material, or using, for example, a stretch fabric. The backlighting of the ceiling in this case will create an even background, without dark spots or a shift in emphasis, which is useful both in work andhome.


Depending on the preferences of the client, the tape can play the role of a key light source or serve as just a decorative element. Thanks to the numerous variations of this equipment, creating a unique design is quite simple. The most popular are cold shades of cream, white, blue and blue. In exceptional cases, the customer prefers to obtain a certain effect, such as flashing. When lighting the ceiling with LED strip, the introduction of several modes is quite common.

Classification and selection of the target project

ceiling lighting led strip

There is no clear distribution of variations of this project, however, several classifiers can be distinguished, depending on which one or another equipment is selected:

  1. Power. If LED backlighting plays the role of a key light source in a room, then, of course, the power of LED elements should be maximum. In the case of the need, you can build in several modes for strong and weak glow.
  2. Color solution. It is much easier to mount a curtain backlight with one tape than to carry out several. Moreover, such an element can be brought directly to the network, while several strips will require a separate remote control, and possibly a gasket to the wiring directly.
  3. Ceiling type. Installing the backlighting of the stretch ceiling will require additional manipulations in order to hide the tape. Oryou will have to lay the wires first, and then install the canvas, which is inconvenient.
  4. Number of LEDs. Tapes are produced in single and double rows of 30, 60 and 90 LEDs. The more lighting elements, the more even and intense the lighting will be in the end. However, this also affects the electricity consumption.

In addition, each tape is equipped with a power supply, which allows you to transform alternating current into direct current and reduce the voltage to the required level. Together with the wire, such an element must be hidden. For these purposes, a cornice is provided.

Advantages and disadvantages

recessed ceiling lighting

Eaves lighting involves only one significant drawback: the need to carry out installation. It is necessary to make a kind of pocket in which the wiring will be located, adjust and secure the tape. All this will require the cost of either time or money, if the work is carried out by craftsmen. As for the benefits, they can be presented in this way:

  1. Constant light source of all-encompassing properties. Oddly enough, such lighting is great for work, as it allows you to cover the entire room. At the same time, unlike, for example, a chandelier, the light will be even everywhere, without dark "bald spots" in the corners of the room.
  2. Easy installation. The lion's share of the LED strip options are prudently equipped with Velcro on one side. This avoids numerous holes during the wiring phase and minimizes losses duringoutside decor of the room.
  3. Frugality. The LED strip in the backlighting is just as economical as the "housekeepers", and therefore the power consumption will even drop if the customer has previously used incandescent lamps.
  4. Effective design. This is perhaps the most impressive benefit as the backlit design is truly amazing and thought provoking.

The richness of the choice of certain lighting elements allows you to put into practice almost any project with a multi-level design or highlight certain elements.

Single-level drywall construction

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In this case, the use of an additional light source is often simply necessary, since it is not always possible to make separate exits for lamps. The backlight can be made from the inside of the volumetric figure or from the outside. In the first case, this gives a light accent to the central part of the canvas, if, for example, a stretch ceiling is installed there. In the second, it serves as an extravagant source of lighting in the room. The process looks like creating, for example, an additional "pocket" on the ceiling. This will require dowel-nails, a metal profile and corners, self-tapping screws and a screwdriver, a puncher and the LED strip itself.

Execution process

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An approximate layout for work looks like thisway:

  • preparing the ceiling sheet for installation;
  • installing the profile on dowels;
  • L-shaped fasteners from various rails;
  • plating with drywall using self-tapping screws;
  • puttying and painting;
  • tape installation. You can attach it both to the "tail G", which looks at the ceiling to create an even light perimeter, and to the wall - so that the lighting is more diffused.

Directly all the wires are hidden in the resulting "pocket", there is also a remote control.

Stretch ceiling lighting options

In this case, we are talking about two key options for directing light - onto the canvas and from under the film. In the first case, you can turn the gloss into a display screen and scatter the glow over the entire ceiling, but this will worsen the perception. In the second - to create a clear source of the account with only a slight emphasis on the canvas. It all depends on the taste and the presence of additional light sources in the room. Masters will help you choose a tape option that will be completely safe for the structure and will not lead to deformation. If in the case of a drywall construction, the work can be done by hand, then in this case it is not.

recessed LED lighting

In the end, it should be noted that there is not a single reason to refuse the opportunity to carry out LED backlighting. It is beautiful, comfortable and promising.

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