How to replace a drain hose in a washing machine: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step instructions and expert advice

How to replace a drain hose in a washing machine: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step instructions and expert advice
How to replace a drain hose in a washing machine: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step instructions and expert advice

Household appliances - not only greatly facilitates the work of housewives, but also takes care of comfort. The washing machine is the main assistant in the house. What to do when it's time to replace the drain hose?

What to do in case of breakdown

We call a specialist

Of course, the first thing to think about is calling the wizard. But there is a possibility that he will not arrive for several days. Or ask to bring the car to him. Or you are just used to doing everything yourself and not waiting for help from outsiders. How to replace the drain hose in a washing machine? The advice of the masters will help you easily cope with this problem. First off, arm yourself with patience. If this is your first time replacing a hose, keep the instructions in front of you.

When to change the hose

Washing machine out of order

Cars come from different manufacturers. Someone buys a certain model, assuming good quality, others buy a tried and tested brand. But depending onwhat kind of car you have, you will have to work with it in a certain way. The drain hose of the washing machine should be replaced if the part is out of order. It can leak anywhere.

It is impossible to repair the hose itself, as it is a corrugated tube. Through it, dirty water flows out of the machine. Like any other element of the mechanism, it can wear out. The hose is too short. This is noticeable immediately after purchase. But even if you noticed it in the store, the employees will not replace the hose.

After some time of use, dirt and slime may form inside the hose. This helps release the odor that enters the machine and then penetrates the freshly washed laundry.

Bad smell from the car

Rinse the hose will not work, as its length and corrugated structure will not allow this. Replacing an old part with a new one costs between 60-150 rubles. Of course, you can buy a hose for 1,000 rubles. It will be of special strength, maximum length and, most likely, from a well-known manufacturer. Whether it is worth overpaying for this part, in any case, the buyer decides.

What tools do you need to replace the hose in the washing machine

Necessary tools in the house

How to replace the drain hose in the washing machine? What tools are needed? First of all, a new hose is needed, which must be installed in place of the worn one. In addition, you will need:

  • Screwdriver, because you have to disassemble some part of the casewashing machine.
  • Pliers to disconnect the hose from the washer pump.
  • In some particularly difficult cases, you should have a set of wrenches in stock, since it is not possible to replace the drain hose in the washing machine without removing the pump.

Easiest brands to repair

Starting such a simple job of repairing household appliances, you should know that you can replace the drain hose in the Samsung washing machine in the same way as in Ariston, Beko, Candy, Whirlpool machines.

  1. First of all, it is worth disconnecting the machine from the electrical network, as well as from the water supply.
  2. Remove the plinth wall behind which the pump filter is located.
  3. Be sure to drain the drain membrane.
  4. Then turn the machine on its side so that you can inspect and disassemble the bottom. This is where the pump is located, to which the hose is attached.

You can replace the drain hose in the LG washing machine in the same way. When working, you need to follow a certain plan of action.

  • Disconnect the broken hose from the pump. It is held, as a rule, on clamps, which can be slightly loosened with pliers.
  • Next, disconnect it from the pump and the machine body. Be sure to remember or take a photo of how the old hose is installed, as the new one will have to be attached in exactly the same way.

When the old hose is safely removed, you need to start installing a new one. This is done in reverse order.

  1. Attach to the pump with clamps, be suretightening them.
  2. Then fix the hose to the housing.
  3. Next, you need to reinstall the machine by connecting the corrugation to the drain.
  4. Bring water to the washing machine.
  5. Connect to the mains.

For the test, you need to conduct one test washing mode without loading laundry. This will help identify a possible leak. You can eliminate it by repeating the manipulations according to the indicated algorithm, how to replace the drain hose in the washing machine. Then you need to tightly put the hose on the pump and tighten the clamps tighter. You can replace the drain hose in the Indesit washing machine according to the above scheme.

When is the best time to call specialists

We disassemble the car

It's more difficult if Electrolux or Zanussi cars have settled in your bathroom.

  • In this case, you will have to remove the top wall, then the back.
  • It is necessary to disconnect the filling valve, armed with a screwdriver if it is held on by self-tapping screws, or a wrench if it is bolted.

But the most difficult process is replacing the drain hose in AEG, Bosch and Siemens washing machines. When fixing such a minor problem, you will have to disassemble the entire front panel and pull out almost half of the parts. In this case, you will have to remember so many subtleties and nuances that it is easier to find a master who will agree to come to your home and fix the hardworking assistant.

Learning by watching

You can watch the master and learn how to change the hose.

  1. Specialist cleansclamp and removes the cuff of the hatch, which is located in front of the machine.
  2. Then easily removes the dispenser.
  3. Unfastens the decorative panel next to the plinth with the next move.
  4. Asks you for a floorcloth or any unnecessary cloth to put on the floor as he will have to pour the rest of the water through the pump filter.
  5. Then removes a couple of screws from the top and bottom that secure the front panel to the body of the washing machine.
  6. Next, grab the bottom of the panel, pull first towards you, and then down.

Thus, he will have the entire panel in his hands. But that's not all! He has yet to unwire the sunroof lock.

And now you can get to the main work. It remains only to repeat the steps, the algorithm of which is indicated above.

Of course, a specialist will do it much faster and more reliably than the most efficient owner of the machine, who undertook to repair it for the first time. At the same time, self-repair will save money and help you learn how to cope with emerging problems without the involvement of outsiders.

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