How to use a manual tile cutter?

How to use a manual tile cutter?
How to use a manual tile cutter?

Repair work involves the use of many tools. But not everyone knows how to use them correctly. We offer to study one of these devices. Everyone who is engaged in construction and repair business should know how to work with a tile cutter. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to achieve a high-quality masonry result. This is a very handy device that greatly simplifies and speeds up the cladding process. But for this you need to carefully study how to work with a tile cutter.

how to tile cutter manual video porcelain stoneware

First of all, you need to understand the order and the way the tool works for a precise and beautiful finish. To date, there are many varieties of tile cutters that give a high-quality result of work and at the same time are easy and affordable to use.

how to work with a manual tile cutter video

The hand-held device is capable of cutting an element up to 12 millimeters thick, which is enough for work at home. In case you needmaterials (porcelain stoneware, natural stone, thick tiles), it may be necessary to use an electric tile cutter.


There are two types of tools:

  1. Manual. It functions like a glass cutter. Cuts tiles using a diamond roller in a movable carriage. It consists of a frame (fixed base), a handle, a roller carriage. The diamond roller makes a scratch on the glaze, then with the help of a handle the force is distributed into two parts of the tile, and the element is divided into equal parts.
  2. Electric. It includes a diamond-coated disc, which is in a movable state. It acts like a saw (circular). Under the action of the guide elements, the tile adjusts to the disc, after which it is divided in half, leaving no bumps and no splinters. Get perfectly even halves. An electric tile cutter is capable of doing jewelry work (cutting a product a few millimeters wide).
  3. how to work as a tile cutter video

Both options do the job from different angles. This makes it easy to work with curly drawings.

How to use a hand tool?

There are a number of rules on how to make the cut line smooth and beautiful, while not wasting material on marriage. How to work with a manual tile cutter:

  1. At the very beginning, you should inspect the device for the serviceability of all parts. The diamond roller should rotate without obstacles, the carriage should rotate without shocks and smoothmovements.
  2. Be sure to check the serviceability of the video. If there are fragments and irregularities on it, this element should be replaced with a new part. An item purchased from any specialized store will do.
  3. A little oil (a few drops) should be applied to the roller, for free and easy movement of the part.
  4. The bed must be kept clean. It must be kept clean of all foreign matter (dirt, dust, etc.).
  5. The tile needs to be marked to make it easier to make a cut on it. This is done with a special pencil for construction or a marker (to be easily washed off).
  6. The product must be placed on the frame so that the drawn line coincides with the movement of the carriage.
  7. The handle should be lowered until the diamond roller touches the surface of the tile.
  8. Then you need to pull the carriage towards you with light pressure. This must be done the first time, otherwise the cut will turn out uneven.
  9. As soon as an incision is made on the product, the carriage should be positioned so that it is in the 1/3 of the tile closest to the person.
  10. It is necessary to pull the handle down, during which a special part ("wings") will divide the tile into perfectly even parts by squeezing both parts.

In this article you can also watch a video on how to work with a manual tile cutter. Porcelain stoneware cuts very easily.

Features and Features

Using a tool, you can cut elements with a width of 5.6 mm. How to work with a tile cutter and break off excesspart of a product? For example, if there is a need to cut a thinner strip, then you need to make an incision with the roller of the device. And then carefully break off the unnecessary part of the product with pliers.

On the surface of the product, in the process of work, metal "wings" can leave scratches. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to glue small pieces of electrical tape on the bottom of the device.

work as a manual tile cutter video

Manual tile cutters for professionals are equipped with a special part that has an adjustable guide function with built-in markings. It can be fixed in the desired state. Due to the presence of this function, there is no need to make special marks. The work process is accelerated and greatly facilitated. Also, this part moves in different directions (at all angles), it becomes possible to make decorative cuts.

how to work with a manual tile cutter

Professional tile cutters are expensive. It depends on the availability of additional features, as well as the brand. Some instruments are equipped with a "ballerina", with the help of which round holes are made on the product. They are needed for switches and sockets. In most cases, the "ballerina" does its job not quite accurately, and rarely does anyone use this option. Builders prefer to make a circle with a crown on a tile.

Limitation of manual tile cutter

There are a couple of restrictions:

  1. The device cannot cut tiles that are more than 12mm thick.
  2. This appliance is notDesigned for hard surface applications.
how to work manual video porcelain stoneware

In such situations, use a power tool. Thus, having studied all the information about the manual form of this device, you can understand how to work with a tile cutter. Experts advise the following. If there is no experience in working with this tool, then you need to buy more source material, since not everyone succeeds on the first try, and the material may not be enough.

Description of electric tile cutter

This type of tool is also called professional because of its high functionality and precision. In addition, the device is much more expensive than the manual version. Therefore, deciding to buy this unit, you need to weigh everything well. It is usually bought for permanent and voluminous work.

How does it work?

The electric tile cutter functions like a stone cutter. The main part is the disk, which has a small diameter and spins at the speed of an electric motor. Also, this product has the property of water cooling of the disc. It contributes to a high-quality and accurate cut and increases the performance of the product. This tool (like the hand tool) can do the job from all angles. But the difference is greater speed and accuracy.

How to operate an electric tile cutter?

Sequence of actions:

  1. First, you need to carefully inspect the tool and prepare it for use.
  2. It is necessary to check all the details separately (especially the diamond blade andprotective parts).
  3. The surface of the disc must not be damaged (no scratches or foreign bodies).
  4. It is necessary to fill the vessel for washing the part (disk) with water. Foreign objects (shards, dust) should not remain at the bottom of the container.
  5. Next, you need to mark the tile, as described above.
  6. If it is necessary to make many identical cuts, then in this case only the first tile is marked. On the first tile, the movable guide part is adjusted. And in the subsequent case, the tile is installed according to this scheme.
  7. The unit must be turned on while simultaneously monitoring the he alth of the water supply.
  8. The product should be pressed against the frame with both hands and slowly shifted towards the disc.
  9. You need to press the tile with great force, otherwise the product will vibrate.
  10. The cutting process should be started slowly (very slowly and smoothly).
  11. Speed ​​can be increased when the disc has penetrated 1-2 centimeters into the product.
  12. When there are 3-4 centimeters left before the end of the tile, on the contrary, you should slow down to avoid the formation of fragments.
how to work with a manual tile cutter video

After studying in detail all these stages of work, you can easily learn how to work with a tile cutter.

Features of electrical device

The uniqueness of this device is that it cuts strips even a few millimeters. And the cut is as smooth and smooth as possible.

In order to prevent breakage of the disc, you should periodically check the washingliquid. There should not be a lot of dirt and large objects. If these shortcomings are found, it is necessary to pour new water. And be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the surface (between the tile and the frame).

Overview of the Dexter tile cutter

This is one of the compact and handy tools on the market today, reviews say. The Dexter tile cutter has a manual use option and a cut thickness of 12 millimeters. The tool can work with all types of ceramic tiles up to 600 millimeters long. It has a removable cutting wheel and a cushion so as not to scratch the product. Suitable for home and professional use. Upon purchase, a 2-year warranty is provided. How does the Dechter tile cutter work? The principle of operation of the device of this brand is the same as that of other products. After studying the description above, you can easily master it.

The principle of operation of these tools, regardless of the varieties, is very similar to each other. The most important thing is to follow all the rules and act carefully. Then it will be easy to figure out how to work with a tile cutter.

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