How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands
How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands

A corner of comfort in modern apartments and country houses can be not only a spacious sofa in front of the TV, but also a bathroom, where you can not only maintain body hygiene, but also achieve a healing effect with a shower. Therefore, it is important to know how to assemble a shower enclosure.


How to assemble a shower

New designs of such cabins present in the sanitary equipment market abound in variety. Therefore, the consumer is given the opportunity to choose those models that most organically fit into the classic or ultra-modern interiors of their bathrooms. But few of the buyers know how to assemble a shower cabin. Most often, a specialist is invited, assuming that the installation of this equipment is too complicated for the uninitiated. In fact, any owner is able to cope with this task - the installation process is not so complicated. If you are still interested in the question of how to assemble a shower cabin, the instructions that come with the equipment give a detailed explanation.Such a device allows you to create the most diverse microclimate in the bathroom, up to the sauna. Having acquired it, the head of the family will think about how to assemble a shower cabin. The most advanced shower models are equipped with LCD computer control panels. How to properly assemble a shower cabin of such “advanced” models, the average user may not know. To carry out such work, it is better to invite a specialist.

How to assemble a shower cabin, instructions How to assemble a shower enclosure

A model without complex electronics can be installed on its own, which will save a lot. Preliminary installation should be done in another place, making sure that all the parts, fasteners are available, make the necessary holes. And then start the assembly directly in the bathroom, connecting the wastewater drainage system to the sewer using flexible hoses. Assembly begins with a pre-assembled pallet with legs, which is fixed on wooden bars. Then the tightness of the drain hose is checked. The next stage is the installation of cabin panels, railings and doors with guide rails. Sealant and silicone are used to install the pan and glass.

How to assemble a shower cabin

When assembling, be aware of the brittle properties of the cab metal. Connecting electrical devices (lights, fan, radio) is best left to an electrician. This ends the main part of the work. After the fastening materials have hardened, glassshutters on seals with adjustment by upper rollers, on which plastic plugs are subsequently put on. Next, the cabin roof, shower head are installed, backlights, a fan, a speaker and various accessories are connected: shelves, mirrors and handles. The last stage is the connection of the necessary communications: electricity, sewerage, water. By studying the simple assembly diagram above, you can learn how to assemble a shower cabin that will provide all family members with maximum comfort and hygiene.

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