What will the reviews tell us: Is the sofa formula good or bad?

What will the reviews tell us: Is the sofa formula good or bad?
What will the reviews tell us: Is the sofa formula good or bad?

Thousands of companies work today in the field of upholstered furniture production, and each considers its product to be the best (or tries to convince the consumer of this). How not to make a mistake in choosing? The surest way is to analyze reviews. "The sofa formula" is the object of our today's study.

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Factory "Sofa Formula"

Year of foundation - 1989. It is located in the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk. As the name suggests, the factory specializes in the production of upholstered furniture. What, according to manufacturers, is the "formula" for creating the perfect sofa? Here are the ingredients for success:

  • using modern technology;
  • attracting the best furniture makers from Germany and Italy;
  • large-scale production, allowing high quality to sell goods at low prices;
  • quality control of raw materials.

Positive feedback: "Sofa formula" did not disappoint

The first thing that attracts the consumer in the products of the factory is less thanother manufacturers, the price of furniture. That is, the model in the "Sofa Formula" will cost less (but not much) than its competitors. The next plus is high-quality upholstery materials. Basically it is genuine leather and good fabric. Another attractive point is the successful design of furniture and convenient mechanisms for transforming sofas into sleeping places. It also produces furniture, which is not widely used in Russia, "Sofa Formula". For example, recliner chairs. What are they? These are large comfortable chairs that transform with the help of mechanisms: if you press the lever near the armrest, the front panel rises and turns into a soft comfortable footrest. Now you can practically lie in the chair with your legs stretched out. In addition, the recliner rotates around its axis and swings. Customers also like a large selection of upholstered furniture.

It was smooth on paper…

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Yes, forgot about the ravines! As usual, not only positive reviews "Sofa Formula" deserves. The main (and biggest) minus is the quality of the products. Consumers note that after one or two months of not too active use of the sofa, the transformation mechanism fails. There are many complaints about the quality of upholstery materials: there have been cases when the top layer of the skin has peeled off, leaving stains on the upholstery, similar to the result of the abuse of sunburn in a person. By the way, the company admitted that this is a manufacturer's defect. There are also complaints about the work of upholstery craftsmen. Here and thereuneven lines come across, often the seam allowances are very small, which leads to the fact that they are moving apart. Quite often, spring blocks do not withstand loads - springs fall out.

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The trick is that the spring mounts are made of brittle plastic. But for its products, "Formula Sofa" sets prices that are not budgetary at all! Buyers have the right to expect that by paying 100,000 rubles (the average cost of a sofa), they will receive high-quality furniture that will be used for many years.

drawing conclusions

As we can see, the factory's products receive far from unambiguous feedback from consumers. "Sofa Formula" has been producing upholstered furniture for many years, and during this time everything has happened. The choice is yours.

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