Mess in the apartment: concept, description with photo, psychological reasons, awareness, ways to deal with the mess and easy cleaning rules

Mess in the apartment: concept, description with photo, psychological reasons, awareness, ways to deal with the mess and easy cleaning rules
Mess in the apartment: concept, description with photo, psychological reasons, awareness, ways to deal with the mess and easy cleaning rules

It is difficult for a person who is in an uncomfortable environment to do their usual things. The mess in the apartment significantly reduces the productivity of work and the quality of rest. Even the ancient monks believed that clutter was an uncomfortable environment for meditation. However, this phenomenon has psychological reasons.

What is a mess in the house

Very dirty room

There are people who are brought up by sloppy parents. They often ask: "What makes an apartment a mess?" This is a large number of things that are not in their places. For example: clothes that are scattered all over the room, mountains of dirty dishes, garbage on the floor, pieces of paper from food, and so on. A photo of a mess in an apartment of a clean person will shock you. After all, for him, every room in the house has its own meaning and affects the morale.

Why there is disorder

Mess in the room

Hardworking people just don't have time to clean up because of the busy workgraphic arts. However, in any free time, a clean person would put things in order in his house. Common causes of mess:

  1. Protest against surrounding people and distressing situations. A person perceives cleaning as submission. Therefore, his apartment is constantly a mess. This is influenced by the upbringing of strict and clean parents who forced their children to clean the room all the time against their will.
  2. Irresponsibility. The sloppy owner in the apartment is constantly a mess. He shifts his responsibilities to other family members. Such people try not to be responsible for their own mistakes and actions, shifting the blame to others.
  3. Disorder reflects psychological problems that even folk wisdom speaks of. This is confirmed by the famous phrase: "A mess in the head is a mess in the apartment." People in this way unconsciously demonstrate to others their defenselessness and weakness in the hope that someone will help.
  4. Fatigue. It happens that the owner constantly does not have enough energy to clean. This can happen due to heavy work or study loads. Gradually, the habit of doing without cleaning will form.

Disorder causes stress in a person, it is difficult for him to be in such an environment for a long time. The mess can even cause some mental disorders.

Psychological reasons

The mess observed in the room indicates serious internal conflicts of the inhabitant of this room. In rare cases, this is one of the symptoms of a mental disorder, such as depression. The psychology of the messapartment:

  • Not enough attention. A mess is a great way to get people around you to clean up. A person lacks attention, and he asks his friends or relatives to help with cleaning. They agree to this, giving extra time and support to their friend.
  • Reluctance to become an adult. Some children were brought up in families where parents loved cleanliness too much. They could always force their heirs to wash dishes, sweep and put things in their places. However, most children do not like this scenario, so the mess for them is salvation. With the help of disorder, they protest, as well as unwillingness to obey their parents. Such a child, after growing up, will at all consider that a person does not need order at all. Also, a mess is a sign of a psychologically immature person. Such people, on a subconscious level, have the hope that someone will clean for them. They just blame their problems on others, which speaks of irresponsibility.
  • Loneliness. When a person makes a mess around him, it means that he feels helpless and abandoned. Therefore, others do not need to ask why a friend has a mess in his apartment, you just have to go to his aid. If people scatter things, then they want to declare their existence.

Through disorder, a person unconsciously shows others that he is not doing well, as it seems. Relatives and friends need to pay more attention to such people. This may have a positive effect on them.

Seriousmental problems

Disorder can appear in people who suffer from psychological disorders. Sometimes these can be serious illnesses. These include:

  • Alarm condition. In life, events happen that knock a person out of his rut. For example: death of a relative, divorce, litigation, and so on. This leads to anxiety, which forces you to focus on experiences. People stop taking care of themselves and cleaning their house.
  • Depression. In this state, a person loses meaning and interest in everything around him. He develops apathy, the desire to perform simple household tasks disappears. This is reflected in the order in his house. A depressed person loses strength and cannot keep his room clean.
  • Schizophrenia. This is a very serious mental disorder. A person suffering from this disease ceases to monitor his appearance, becomes apathetic and does not perform simple household tasks. Serious abnormalities in the work of the brain are reflected in the disorder in the house.

Mess is not always a reflection of a person's laziness. Sometimes this can indicate serious mental disorders. Such problems require serious treatment with specialists.

What does a mess in the kitchen mean

This place is the most important thing in the house. After all, in the kitchen a person prepares food, eats food and stores energy. A mess in the kitchen is, first of all, a neglect of hygiene and cleanliness. Such an environment deprives a person of a sense of comfort and protection.

Messy toilet

If the restroomis in a dirty state, this means that a person has problems in relationships, at work. The mess interferes with personal life. Also, the mess in the toilet suppresses intuition and insight. If a person does not maintain cleanliness, but simply closes the door, then this indicates attempts to hide his life from prying eyes.

Bathroom mess

Mess in the bathroom

For most people, a new day begins in this room, in which a person brushes his teeth, bathes and performs daily hygiene procedures. The mess in the bathroom says that a person does not pay attention to himself. It also indicates a low self-esteem of the owner. A well-maintained bathroom helps during stressful situations. If order and cleanliness reign in it, people try to take better care of themselves and be more beautiful.

Bedroom mess

Mess in the apartment

This place in the apartment is designed for relaxation and solitude. In the bedroom, a person replenishes energy, restarts the body for new achievements and achievements. An untidy room takes all the strength from the people resting in it. On a psychological level, in a messy environment, a person cannot get rid of stress and fully restore their strength.

Mess in the living room and dining room

A mess, a lot of things are out of place

In these rooms, people gather with their family or friends to socialize and have a good time. In an environment of disorder, it is impossible to fully do this. Psychologists recommend keeping theserooms are perfectly clean. After all, it is here that all discussions or the exchange of pleasant impressions take place. It is extremely unpleasant for friends to be in a mess, because of this they may stop visiting.

Uncleaned corridor

This is one of the most important parts of the apartment. The mess in the corridor prevents a person from moving around all the rooms. Psychologically, the mess reflects that the owner is not confident in his actions, and it is easy for him to encounter difficulties at work or in relationships. Even dim lighting indicates poor interaction with the outside world.

How to clean the mess in the apartment

Every person is capable of keeping an apartment clean. To do this, it is enough to form such a habit. After all, it’s not clean where they clean it, but where they don’t litter. Best Clutter Rules:

  • Washing dishes after eating. If a lot of appliances are collected in the sink, a person has even less desire to clean them. After all, there are a lot of dishes, the food dries on it, because of this, washing is inconvenient.
  • Newspapers and letters should be looked at immediately upon receipt. It happens that a person postpones this activity for another time, which is why mountains of waste paper can accumulate. If you review it and put it in a closet or nightstand, the room will become much cleaner.
  • You need to make your bed when you wake up. With the onset of morning, a person feels still sleepy and puts off this action, often forgetting about it. After a hard day, it makes no sense to make the bed, because soon you will go to bed. This is how chaos is created.To keep the bedroom clean, the first step is to make the bed every morning.
  • Need to free up some space. The apartment is constantly a mess may be due to the large number of unnecessary things. A person needs to distribute all clothes and objects in their places. Some of them can be thrown away. It can be unnecessary books, spoiled gadgets, clothes, and so on. A person should not regret what he does not need. When a lot of items are collected in some place, they must be immediately put away in their places.
  • The kitchen table should be cleaned immediately after the cooking process and the lunch meal.

Many people put off small things until later, and because of this, a mess gradually arises. A person must clean up the process: put the phone back, take out the accumulated garbage, put dirty things in the washing machine, and so on. By completing small tasks, people step towards a permanent order and cleanliness in the house.

Easy Cleaning Rules

Cleaning the house

Putting order in the house is perceived as a routine and tedious task. Some people just do not know how to get rid of the mess in the apartment. However, you can make cleaning easy and fun. For this you need:

  • Ask for help from others. If a person lives with a family, then he can involve relatives in cleaning. With them, the process of restoring order will be fun. In addition, the cleaning process will be reduced in time by two or three times.
  • Good mood. For a better mood, the hosts turn on music for the wholehouse. It uplifts the mood and makes cleaning interesting and fun. Also, a person can listen to an audiobook, combining pleasant listening with useful tidying up.
  • Developed plan. For the effectiveness of the process, it is advisable to pre-plan its sequence and determine for yourself which rooms and actions you need to start cleaning from.
  • Places visited. For example, the stove or workplace must be cleaned every day. After all, in these places trash and garbage accumulates the most. These places should not be left until the general cleaning, otherwise they can be spent a lot of time.
Help with cleaning

Everyone can put things in order in their apartment. To do this, you need to realize the problem of the mess and understand its causes. Further, the habit of cleaning will form very quickly, and this process will begin to please the owner and the people around him.

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