Garden rollers: can you do it yourself?

Garden rollers: can you do it yourself?
Garden rollers: can you do it yourself?

The quality of the lawn often depends on how well the site was prepared. Of course, before planting grass, a number of works must be carried out. First of all, various debris should be removed, for example, foil, paper, various wrappers and film. All this cannot be left in the ground. Otherwise, the grass in some places will stand out in spots and hurt. Naturally, this will affect the quality of the lawn. The land after removal of debris should be carefully weeded, and then treated with herbicides. This preparatory work is not limited. In order for the lawn to grow well, it is worth considering the preparation of a drainage layer. It is needed so that water does not stagnate under the roots as a result of heavy rains or excessive watering. In this case, it is very difficult to do without a garden roller. After removing the layer of fertile soil, it will be necessary to compact the sand and gravel well. In addition, garden rollers allow you to level the site. Is it possible to make them with your own hands, we will consider further.

garden rollers

When rollers are needed

In some cases, it is almost impossible to do without special tools and fixtures. These include rink. You can make this unit with your own hands. As a rule, such a tool is needed when:

  1. Arrangement of garden paths.
  2. Laying turf.
  3. Compacting the soil for further planting grass seeds.
  4. Rolling in after lawn mulching.

It is worth noting that rollers may be needed after the lawn has grown. They can be used after cutting the grass. The result is a softer and more attractive lawn.

DIY garden roller

Buy or make?

If you wish, you can make a garden roller with your own hands. But if absolutely necessary, the tool can be purchased at a specialized store. Foreign and domestic manufacturers offer a fairly wide range. Among the variety there are rollers made of durable metal and filled with sand or water. The most popular is the garden skating rink "Mammoth". However, the cost of such a device is quite high.

The most economical and easiest option is to make a garden roller with your own hands. In addition, the design of such products is quite simple. To do this, you can use a round container, for example, a barrel or a bottle filled with water. Some gardeners manage with an ordinary log. In the manufacture of the rink, all necessary parameters should be taken into account. In finished form, the product should be no more than 70 centimeters wide. In this case, the weight of the garden roller should be 80–120 kilograms. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired results.difficult.

manual garden roller

How to make a roller from a pipe

If you need a manual garden roller more than once, then you can make it as follows:

  1. First you need to cut a piece of asbestos-cement or steel pipe of the right size. In this case, the part will play the role of not only a flat working surface, but also a mortar formwork.
  2. In the middle of the workpiece, insert the axial tube. Its diameter should be significantly smaller than the diameter of the base.
  3. After that, you need to pour cement mortar. When the material hardens, you can make a handle for more convenient work.

Such garden rollers are durable. With their help, you can process a plot of any area.

Plastic bottle roller

Garden rollers made from plastic bottles are even easier to make than from pipes. In addition, the process takes a little time. To make a garden roller you need:

  1. Several plastic containers from under the water, the volume of which is 19 liters, need to be connected together.
  2. To connect, you need to cut several strips from the same plastic bottles. After that, the structure should be carefully wrapped with tape.
  3. You need to attach ropes to the necks of the containers, and pour sand inside and compact it. As a result, the weight of such a rink is about 100 kilograms.
skating rink garden mammoth

In conclusion

Garden rollers allow you to make the lawn more neat and even. However, suchdevices must be used. Do not forget that the main purpose of rolling is soil compaction. It is not worth smoothing the bumps with a roller. Otherwise, the depressions in the area will become deeper. In fact, such a device allows you to detect any surface defects.

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