Pond aerator: types and features

Pond aerator: types and features
Pond aerator: types and features

If there is enough oxygen in a pond or other artificial reservoir, then good water quality and excellent well-being of its inhabitants are ensured. Enrichment of water with oxygen occurs with the help of a device called an "aerator". For a pond of any size, this is the only means that can create favorable conditions for the existence of underwater and aquatic flora and fauna without the use of chemicals. The use of these devices guarantees the required level of oxygen in the water, reduction of bottom sediments, regulation of the development of microalgae.

When choosing a pond aerator, decide on the type of equipment required. There are the following types of these devices:

  • pond aerator Surface aerators. They are the most widely used, a large number of models with different power and performance. A surface aerator for a pond sprays water over the surface. At the same time, falling jets of water are enriched with oxygen from the air, effectively increasing the level of its content. This type of aeration allows, at low energy costs, to quickly raisethe level of oxygen in the water. Its only drawback is the increased noise from work.
  • Injection aerators have a different principle of operation: they suck in air, mixing it with a stream of water. Their efficiency is slightly lower (higher energy costs), but the noise level is much less.
  • do-it-yourself pond aerator The bottom aerator is a recent development of American scientists. With low energy consumption, this pond aerator is able not only to increase the level of oxygen on the surface of the water, but also in its entire thickness. Due to the active mixing of water, stagnation is eliminated, the temperature of different layers is equalized, and icing is prevented in the cold season.

Oxygen deficiency provokes not only fish diseases, but also significantly worsens the bite. For organizations engaged in paid fishing, maintaining the level of oxygen in the reservoir at the level of 90-100% guarantees a normal bite. When choosing an aerator for a pond, you need to focus primarily on the volume of the reservoir. The power of the required unit depends on this. For more uniform saturation of large ponds with oxygen, it is advisable to use several devices that are placed evenly throughout the pond.

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Pond aeration should be carried out all year round. In winter and summer, this will allow you to mix the layers of water, equalizing their temperature. In autumn, this procedure will allow the pond to be effectively cleared, so that it can then overwinter without loss. In winter, aeration relieves aquatic life fromharmful gases that accumulate under the ice. Spring enrichment of water with oxygen will stimulate the development of bacteria that will improve the ecological balance of the pond.

It is clear that in order to ensure the normal growth of fish and microorganisms in a pond, a pond aerator is needed. The price primarily depends on the power of the unit. Sometimes it's big enough. It is not necessary to purchase ready-made devices: with minimal experience, you can make a pond aerator with your own hands.

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