What is a collector? Its types and purpose

What is a collector? Its types and purpose
What is a collector? Its types and purpose

The word "collector" is known to many people and is often used in everyday communication. At the same time, it has several meanings at once, which is why during the conversation the interlocutors get confused in the correct understanding of its meaning. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, you should know exactly what a collector is.

Basic values

what is a collector

Most often, ordinary people use this word to refer to people involved in the so-called "knocking out" debts. Today, there are entire collection companies that buy back the debts of their borrowers from banks, and then independently try to return this debt by all legal means, but with additional interest. At the same time, many citizens who consider this interpretation of the word to be the only correct one sincerely believe that they know exactly and correctly what a collector is.

In fact, this word has an ancient origin. Initially, it meant an institution that accumulated something in itself, and then redistributed it to subordinate organizations.

But over time, the collector became the name of technicaldevices, in particular automotive, heating or mining. At the same time, in each specific industry, this device has and performs its specific function. Now that it has become clear what a collector is, you need to familiarize yourself with exactly what functions each of its types performs.


The rarest of all types of reservoirs is oil or gas, or their symbiosis. At its core, this is not even a device, but a special natural storage or a cavity in the rock, in which these minerals are accumulated. It is in the process of direct work on the extraction of oil and gas that they are pumped out of collectors, or, more simply, deposits.

engine manifold

It should be understood that not every rock can play the role of a reservoir. There are many ways to determine whether it belongs to their category or not. So, in particular, the density of the rock itself, its thickness, age and permeability are determined.

Another type of collector is a heating device, which is available in almost every home. Its main purpose is to control the heating and temperature of both the entire building as a whole and each of its specific premises.

In its appearance, it is very reminiscent of a metal comb, inside of which there is an armature, which is responsible for the heating process. Today, the heating of any apartment building is very difficult to imagine without the use of thisdevices.

But there is a certain category of citizens in our country who knows exactly what a collector is. And these are motorists and drivers themselves.

manifold replacement

Car engine manifold

This type of this device is an integral part of any car. Its main purpose is to remove previously exhausted gases from the common cylinder system. Thus, it protects the car from their negative effects and prolongs its safe operation.

Currently, there are two main types of such collectors:

  • Tubular exhaust manifold. The material for its manufacture is stainless steel or ceramics. The very operation of such a device resembles an oscillatory process.
  • One-piece exhaust manifold. The material for its manufacture is pure cast iron. But at the same time, the efficiency of such a collector is lower than that of a tubular one, so recently it has been used less and less by manufacturers.

Replacement of this unit

But it should be understood that, no matter how high-quality the collector is, sooner or later it should be replaced with a new one. Ideally, the service life of this device should not exceed that recommended by the manufacturer. But in some cases, the replacement of the collector may be required ahead of schedule. Usually, this is due to a breakdown or a factory defect. But in any case, it should be understood that no matter what type of collector is being replaced, only an experienced expert should perform such work.Otherwise, the new device may become unusable very soon.

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