Terrace and veranda: a good addition to a country house

Terrace and veranda: a good addition to a country house
Terrace and veranda: a good addition to a country house

Every detail plays a role in the arrangement of a private cottage. Probably, those who once lived in the countryside or at least visited their grandparents there for the summer holidays remember their favorite corner in the house - the veranda. It is this place that is the best suited for spending quiet cozy evenings here. Today, the terrace and veranda are still popular, however, the latter in its former purpose is becoming less and less common…

terrace and veranda

Features of construction

Modern country house is a design that combines many architectural elements. A bay window, a lucarne, a balcony, a terrace and a veranda - all this acts as a kind of decorative element. What is the difference between the latest additions? It is believed that the veranda is a more solid and capital building, surrounded on all sides by walls and windows. Moreover, the abundance of glass is a hallmark of the veranda - the same as it was built back in Russia.

projects of verandas and terraces

Terrace is mostly open space, it can be built underroof, but no walls. Such an extension to the house is most often used to design a recreation area, that is, it is operated at certain times of the year and decorated accordingly. Modern designs of verandas and terraces offer a variety of style solutions. And this means that each customer has the opportunity to choose the appropriate option for each cottage and its architectural design.

Terrace and veranda are important additions in terms of functionality. True, if they are being built as a capital building, then the following points should be taken into account:

- it is necessary to calculate the load that will fall on the roofing system;

- will require drainage equipment to drain rainwater;

- if the veranda or terrace will not be heated, it is important that they are built using a large amount of glass - this will achieve greater insolation;

- materials for the construction of the mentioned extensions should be used the same from which the house was built: this will create a harmonious and unified appearance of the residential facility.

country terraces and verandas

Recently, there has been a trend, according to which country terraces and verandas equipped with sliding structures are increasingly being built. That is, it turns out a multifunctional room, which in the warm season can be turned into a recreation area on the street, and in the cold season it can be closed from precipitation. A kind of terrace is a patio - many country houses have such a room. It is a platform in front of the house, on whichthe recreation area is taken out.

Both the terrace and the veranda perform a number of functions:

- firstly, they are the decoration of a country house;

- secondly, they make the space more functional and convenient to use;

- thirdly, if the veranda, as a rule, is located in the general structure of the house, then the terrace can be moved outside it, respectively, the living space can be designed very interesting and original.

terrace or veranda

Of course, both the terrace and the veranda will fulfill their tasks only if they are properly constructed. It is up to you to decide which element you want to build for your country cottage. But it is worth considering the harmony of the exterior of the future housing, as well as pay attention to its reliability.

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