American toilet: features, principle of operation, advantages of use

American toilet: features, principle of operation, advantages of use
American toilet: features, principle of operation, advantages of use

Undoubtedly, modern life cannot be imagined without such an object as a toilet bowl. It is literally in every apartment. Previously, people did not think about which toilet to choose, because there were only a few models with the same flush technology. Nowadays, a huge number of different models are presented, from the simplest to those that can perform several functions. Flushing technologies are also different. The most popular European and American toilets.

american style toilet

Types of toilets

There are 3 types of toilet flushes:

With horizontal outlet. Models of toilet bowls with this type of descent are now popular in Russia. They can be seen in almost every new building. This type gets its name from the fact that the outlet pipe runs parallel to the floor. One of the advantages of such toilets is that you can install a hinged model, then there will be much more space in the toilet

With oblique release. Their feature is that the pipe is at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Such toilets were popular in the seventies of the last century. They arestill preserved in a large number of buildings of that time. The main positive side is that they are universal and easy to replace in case of breakage

With vertical outlet. The exhaust pipe in such models is connected to a pipe that is located in the floor. In the people they are called American toilets. They have a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, they are not very popular in Russia

american toilet

American style toilet

American siphon toilet (a siphon is a curved tube for pouring liquids from a vessel into a vessel with different levels) is a toilet with a vertical flush. A typical American standard toilet will have a long and narrow P or S outlet. One end is a bowl as inlet, and the other is connected to a drain pipe. This outlet pipe design is designed specifically for siphon type toilets. Most common in North America, Thailand and China.

Characteristics of American toilets

american standard toilet
  • Nice appearance as the pipes are hidden in the floor.
  • The American style toilet bowl is almost half full. This prevents the inconvenience caused by unnecessary bursts. Also, during each flush, the water covers the entire area of ​​​​the bowl, and this allows it to remain clean.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Compact size. A vertical outlet toilet is more compact and great for saving space.
  • Variety of models. You can choose a toilet withdecorative elements to match the design of the bathroom.
  • Keep the bowl clean. The American toilet has what is called a double flush, which means that they can flush with different levels of water depending on the type of waste, both liquid and solid. This feature is great for saving water, since the maximum amount of water in a single flush is 11-22 liters.
  • Often, instead of the usual lever - a button. This makes the appearance more attractive.

The principle of the American toilet

American siphon toilet

Flushing starts by pulling the lever or pressing the flush button. The flush valve then opens to allow water from the tank to flow into the bowl. In the case of a siphon toilet, typically the water in the bowl rises and then quickly sinks into the bowl outlet. Here's what happens next. The water from the tank begins to flow faster than the one that is trying to exit the bowl. This is because the flush valve is larger than the manhole.

When water exits through the outlet pipe, it displaces the air inside, creating a vacuum. Then, when the water flows over the break into the pipe, flushing begins. Water passes through the siphon when the level stops rising and starts to fall rapidly.

The action of the siphon pipes is so strong that the heavy solid waste is sucked out by the water. Some siphon toilets create a vortex, but the principle remains the same.

Towards the end of the flush, a bubbling sound can be heard as the vacuum disappears and stops the water in the siphon. The bowl is filled with residualwater, then the tank is filled with it. Everything is ready for the next flush.


American standard toilets undoubtedly have a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to find in Russia and Europe, as these countries have a slightly different pipe system. However, it is still possible to install such a toilet, but it will cost a lot of money.

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